’50 Cities of the U.S.A.’ Shares What’s Best About Charlotte With Kids


50 Cities of the U.S.A., a new book, shares what’s best about Charlotte with kids!

For instance, did you know?

The 7th Street Public Market features local favorites like pimento cheese, made with pimento peppers, mayo, and cheddar and cream cheese.

A Guinness World Record was broken in 2014 by a local firefighter-turned-police officer who bust through 10, 2,000º, blazing-hot doors in 12 seconds.

The headquarters of Bank of America and Wells Fargo help make Charlotte the U.S.’s second largest banking center.

Perú-born designer Luis Machicao creates fabulous bridal gowns and bow ties here in Charlotte.

In 1972, Charlotte-raised Charlie Moss Duke, Jr became the tenth and youngest person to walk on the Moon—and he left a photo of his family on the surface!

The Carolinas Aviation Museum houses The Miracle on the Hudson — the plane that safety landed in NYC with 155 passengers that were on route to Charlotte!

The book also shows kids tons of things to do in the area as featured in “A Day in Charlotte.”

9 A.M. Sample a “Bowl of Cherries” (sweet cheery danish) at King’s bakery and your money will help feed the town’s homeless.

10 A.M. Feed, train, and learn how to rehabilitate birds of prey at the Raptor Center.

11 A.M. Try and break a local Guinness Record—like the most flashlights lit simultaneously or eating a burrito made with the hottest chile pepper.

12 P.M. Time how long it takes one of the Botanical Garden’s venus fly traps to shut on a fly—probably about 0.3 seconds!

1 P.M. Gobble up a classic Charlotte burger — one topped off a layer of creamy pimento cheese.

2 P.M. Zoom 200 mph like Dale Earhart in a Racecar Simulator at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

3 P.M. Strap into a coaster at Carowinds, where the Fury 325 drops at an 81º angle and covers 6,602 feet of track in three minutes.

4 P.M. Stroll the 98-acres of Freedom Park, be sure to visit the 7-acre lake—but stay away from the geese—they bite!

5 P.M. Throw on your teal and blue high-tops and practice slam drunks like Hornet’s owner Michael Jordan.

6 P.M. Grab scissors and some magazines and start snipping: Make a collage of your day like local-born Romare Bearden.

7 P.M. Tuck a napkin into your shirt and feast on “Lexington style” bbq made with ketchup and vinegar.

8 P.M. Include a book about local life in your bedtime readng, like The Origin of the Milky Way and Other Living Stories of the Cherokee, edited by Barbara Duncan.




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