CATS Unveils New Branding Designs In ‘Envision My Ride’ Initiative


CATS unveiled its new branding design of its buses and vanpools today.  The new look creates a branding synergy with the LYNX light rail service and the design of the future CityLYNX streetcar service that is scheduled to open in 2020.  The rebranding is one of the phases of the Envision My Ride initiative started last year where CATS is focused on redesigning the bus system to:

  • Create more direct and frequent routes
  • Better route connections
  • Lessen travel time
  • Improve equipment and amenities

“The Envision My Ride initiative is an all-inclusive review of the bus system and these new branded vehicles with the latest technology and amenities will enhance the riding experience of our customers,” said John Lewis, CEO of CATS.

The new branding is initially installed on 40 new buses and vanpool that will start serving customers next week.  Over the next 5 plus years the entire fleet will be replaced and upgraded along with the new brand design. “We are committed to continually enhancing the reliability and comfort of the ride for our customers while expanding our hybrid fleet to do our part for the environment,” Lewis said. With the addition of these vehicles today, over 15 percent of CATS’ bus fleet will use hybrid technology, continuing to protect the environment and reduce fuel costs.

For more information on Envision My Ride and CATS services, visit



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