Charlotte Douglas Airport Ranks High For Labor Day Busyness and On-Time Performance

Image courtesy of LS3P architects

Labor Day is just around the corner and many travelers will be taking to the skies to go somewhere special for the holiday. RewardExpert is releasing its 2017 Labor Day Air Travel Forecast in which Charlotte’s Douglas International Airport is being recognized.

The report uses Department of Transportation flight data to analyze the 45 busiest U.S. airports over the Labor Day travel period to help Americans determine the best and worst days to travel and the airports and airlines to avoid. Here’s a peek at some of the key findings:

  • Charlotte Douglas Airport rounds out the list of the top 10 busiest airport ranking. However,due to it 87.9% of its flight being on-time, Charlotte Douglas Airport also earned its spot as the fifth best airport for on-time performance! With an average of 2685 flight per year, and a slight decrease in air travel, Charlotte travelers should take off without any major glitches.
  • Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson is the busiest airport in the country over the Labor Day travel period. An average of 8,194 departures and arrivals go through the Atlanta airport during the holiday period per year. Despite the crowds, travelers will likely have a positive experience flying through Atlanta due to their solid on-time performance ranking over the holiday travel period.
  • To kick off Labor Day weekend without any hiccups, flying out on the Wednesday before the holiday itself is the best choice. There are far fewer delays, cancellations, or disruptions on this day rather than the days after it. For those who cannot take off work, the day directly before Labor Day is also a fantastic day for travel.
  • Hawaii truly is paradise. Not only is regional carrier Hawaiian Airlines maintaining its strong track record with 94.3% of flights reporting on-time performance, so is Honolulu International Airport with 90.9% of flights arriving on-time.


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