Jacob’s Ladder West Relocates to new CHA Facility in West Charlotte

Jacob’s Ladder Job Center, Inc. (Jacob’s Ladder) – a Charlotte non-profit organization that specializes in breaking the cycle of chronic unemployment through job readiness and related services – has announced that Jacob’s Ladder West has expanded to a new facility located at 2201 Caronia Street in West Charlotte.

Jacob’s Ladder West is now the anchor tenant of the new Center for Employment Services (the Center) located in the Charlotte Housing Authority’s Arbor Glen community. The fully renovated facility includes classrooms, a clothing closet, administrative offices, meeting space and a state-of-the-art computer lab.

“Expanding our agency has been an exciting opportunity,” says Susan Pierson, project manager at Jacob’s Ladder West. “The word is out that we can help you get a job, and we need more space to accommodate the growing numbers of clients we serve. I look forward to better serving West Boulevard-area residents with the Center for Employment Services.”

The new facility enables Jacob’s Ladder West to expand its services after being launched in December 2009 at the invitation of the City of Charlotte/Vision Charlotte and Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina Foundation. Supported by a partnership between Jacob’s Ladder, the City of Charlotte, Charlotte Housing Authority, Charlotte Mecklenburg Workforce Development Board, and City Dive, Inc./New Birth Charlotte Church, the Center hopes to address chronic unemployment with “wraparound” services for residents of the West Boulevard corridor.

The project is part of the Charlotte Housing Authority’s “Moving Forward” initiative that seeks to build self reliance among public housing residents. In addition to Jacob’s Ladder’s job readiness curriculum, clients will benefit from Charlotte’s first-ever SHARE Network Access Point (SNAP) – a computer resource supplied by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Workforce Development Board, that connects directly to JobLink Center databases. Once a participant secures employment, Jacob’s Ladder and other partners will offer personal mentoring for at least six months to support job retention.

Jacob’s Ladder Executive Director Steffi Travis estimates a minimum of 300 residents will receive services from Jacob’s Ladder West and at least 120 of those will graduate from the core job readiness program. To learn more about Jacob’s Ladder West, become a volunteer or sign up for classes, visit www.jacobsladdercharlotte.org/west, or contact Susan directly at susan@jacobsladdercharlotte.org or 980-428-1822.

About The Center for Employment Services
The Center for Employment Services (CES) provides space to local service providers to bring career development opportunities to the West Corridor of Charlotte. Through these partnerships, CES will be able to empower citizens to become employable and secure employment. CES is a Moving Forward initiative of the Charlotte Housing Authority to promote employment and self-reliance. For more information, please contact Chris Campbell, CHA Employment Services Coordinator at chriscampbell@cha-nc.org or 704-336-8555.

About Jacob’s Ladder
Jacob’s Ladder Job Center, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, which helps unemployed and underemployed people find and keep living wage jobs. A member of the N.C. Center for Nonprofits, Jacob’s Ladder was founded in 1998 as a compassionate response to the Welfare-to-Work movement and to chronic unemployment Charlotte’s urban communities. For more information, visitwww.jacobsladdercharlotte.org or call 704-332-5822.