Local Surgeon Launches “Wisdom” Effort in Support of Higher Education

Dr Marashi looking at wisdom teeth x-rays

Wisdom for Wisdom initiative will provide financial relief for local student

According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, current textbook prices have risen over three times the rate of inflation since the BLS began tracking in 1977. This means, since the start of 1977, textbook prices have seen a rise of over 1041%. With these growing costs, students are struggling to achieve their full academic potential. They are finding themselves spending more time working to pay for these educational fees than working on their education itself. High textbook prices are the reason why Dr. Amir Marashi felt he had to something to help these struggling students.

With Dr. Marashi’s efforts, Greater Charlotte Oral & Facial Surgery is initiating a program called Wisdom for Wisdom that will give a deserving student a complimentary wisdom teeth extraction. Making sure our nation’s youth are getting the education needed to be successful is such an important issue. It’s something we constantly hear about, but rarely see any action on. The purpose of this program is to initiate that action. It will allow them and their family to divert the money that would have been spent to pay for their wisdom teeth procedure towards college textbooks instead.

“As a local business, it’s important to support the surrounding community’s students,” Dr. Marashi explained. “I know this is a small drop in a big bucket, but I hope it will inspire other local businesses to make an effort too. If we all do a little, we can make a significant impact.”

Greater Charlotte Oral & Facial Surgery is also the creator of the Academic Advantage program, which gives local middle and high school students and their families insights into careers in the healthcare industry and helps them discover the path to achieve their dreams.

Students and their parents can apply by visiting the practice’s website at www.greatercharlotteoralsurgery.com/wisdom. The application consists of a quiz, short essay and an instructional video and runs for one week, July 5, 2017 to July 12, 2017.

Greater Charlotte Oral & Facial Surgery will announce the recipient of the program on their Facebook page and update the public about the program here: www.facebook.com/GreaterCharlotteOralSurgeryPineville

About Wisdom Teeth:

Wisdom teeth removal is often recommended before any oral health problems occur. Because a person’s wisdom teeth are smaller and not fully developed at earlier stages in their life, it makes for a much easier extraction. Usually, there is not enough room in the mouth to accommodate this extra set of molars. A variety of issues can occur due to improper development such as dental crowding, infections, and cavities from bacterial growth.

About Greater Charlotte Oral & Facial Surgery:                                                                                              

Greater Charlotte Oral & Facial Surgery is an AAAASF-accredited facility, assuring patients receive the highest level of care with the latest techniques and technology. Amir Marashi, MD, DDS is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon and medical doctor with years of experience. When choosing an oral surgeon in the Charlotte area, all patients want to find a surgical team that they feel comfortable with and that they trust to provide exceptional care. Dr. Marashi and his highly skilled surgical and office staff are a competent, caring oral surgery team who understand the uncertainty, worry, and stress that any oral surgery procedure can cause.



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