Mint Condition Inc. – Commercial Cleaning You Can Trust™


Mint Condition Inc. is one of America’s leading commercial cleaning companies, providing an outstanding combination of dependable quality service and flexible pricing to suit your needs. Mint Condition serves the greater Charlotte area, as well as many other metro areas in the U.S. as noted on their website.

If you are considering outsourcing your commercial cleaning, or switching to a new provider, you’ll want to pay close attention to the quality and value Mint Condition offers you:

  • Consistent people – the same smiling faces for every clean
  • Trust backed by background checks for all staff
  • Customized contracts – tailoring our cleaning to your schedule and budget
  • Service that’s both responsive and proactive, including a two-way communication log
  • Healthy cleaning practices – using separate cleaning cloths for different applications and the right equipment for each job
  • Quality control – checks by area managers and supervisors to ensure performance
  • Using HEPA filters to clean the air as your carpets are cleaned
  • Using environmentally friendly “Green Seal Chemicals” for healthier indoor air
  • Making sure your restrooms are cleaned meticulously “by the book”
  • Optional carpet extraction to clean up spills and hidden dirt
  • We make it easy to switch your cleaning to Mint Condition – and we know you’ll want to!

Taking office cleaning to a higher level

Office cleaning may seem simple at first – vacuum floors, empty wastebaskets, dust surfaces, clean restrooms. But Mint Condition takes office cleaning to a higher level – not only by having standard procedures for every aspect of cleaning, but also having regular follow-up inspections by company managers. All of this ensures consistent quality for your peace of mind.

“Quality” goes beyond cleanliness to meeting your expectations. This is another example of how Mint Condition goes the extra mile. Before our people begin cleaning your offices or building, Mint Condition managers meet with you to understand in detail your expectations for what you want cleaned, how you want it cleaned, and how often.

fiber-brite-traffic-chartSome high-traffic areas like your reception foyer may need to be cleaned daily. Other spaces like a secondary conference room may only need cleaning once a week. By working with you to develop a cleaning schedule customized for your business, Mint Condition saves you money while increasing your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Thorough training, standard procedures

Every owner-operator who cleans your space is thoroughly trained and provided a standard procedures manual by Mint Condition. A communications log book provides a convenient way for you to give special directions to your cleaning crew. A Mint Condition manager will routinely visit your facility to perform a quality control inspection.

Quality control is not just about a physical facility; quality control is also about ensuring customer satisfaction. Mint Condition’s quality controlled cleaning ensures your peace of mind.

Contact Mint Condition today to discuss your commercial cleaning needs via its website,, or call 866-891-6468 toll free.



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