Lawrimore Inc. – Marketing, Communications And Consulting For Your Business


Lawrimore Inc. is a Charlotte marketing agency and business consulting firm, specializing in helping small to mid-size businesses improve their business income, marketing and success. Lawrimore has worked with hundreds of diverse businesses of all sizes and developed proven ways to save you time and make you money.

Marketing Services To Increase Your Sales

The focus of Lawrimore’s marketing services is to increase your sales and income. Lawrimore will apply its broad experience serving hundreds of businesses and organizations to develop clear projects to meet your needs and budget. They’ll sharpen your competitive advantage and marketing strategy. Then they will create whatever marketing tools, print or online media you need to help you attract more new customers or clients, sales and income. This includes:

Improving Your Brand Image And Communications

The focus of Lawrimore’s communications services is to improve your brand image and  marketing tools – online and offline. The agency provides a full range of branding and communication services including logo design, websites, PR, advertising, brochures, SEO (search engine optimization) and writing-blogging services (content marketing). The firm has won many awards for its creative work and helped clients sell millions of dollars in products and services. Budgets are always flexible.

Business Consulting To Strengthen Your Company

The focus of Lawrimore’s business consulting services is to improve your business performance and your satisfaction as owner. Or to help you start a new one that succeeds as you want. For best results, your whole business has to perform to satisfy customers, keep them, and manage growth. Our practical business consulting will help you get the results you want and sleep better at night. Contact us at 704-332-4344 or use this form.



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