Relax and breathe … School Testing coming soon

It is officially crunch time; a time when students must review academic material from the entire school year in preparation for End-of-Grade (EOGs) and End-of-Course (EOCs) tests. Teachers are preparing students with classroom studies, but there are some extra tips parents can take to give their children a helping hand.

Fahnie Shaw, an instructor for Parent University’s Preparing for EOGs courses, said she realizes this time of year can be stressful for children. She said it is important for the family to remember that the purpose of the tests are to show what the student has mastered and to help evaluate teaching methods in the classroom.

“We tell the parents to make the tests no big deal,” said Shaw. “You need to reassure students that they know this information already. Show them what they have mastered. Build their confidence.”

While testing is only a few days away, Shaw said it’s not too late to review, but do not attempt to review everything in one night.

See more tips from Parent University on preparing for the EOGs and EOCs:

Before the test

· Encourage your child to get a good night’s sleep before the test.
· Provide your child with a nutritious breakfast before the test.
· Minimize outside activities during the week of testing. This will help reduce stress at home.
· Set your alarm a little early each morning and make your time together at home pleasant and encouraging.
· Make sure your child arrives at school on time.
· Give your child a hug and let them know you have confidence in them.