The Power of Community: New App Partners with Local Nonprofit


Whether it’s starting a new career or just adhering to a tight budget, donating big dollars to a charity isn’t likely part of the plan. Many people stall in their ability to give because they don’t feel like they can give enough to make a difference.

But Charlotte-based uBack is challenging that mentality, simply by utilizing a smartphone.

uBack is a first-of-its-kind app that not only matches people up to nonprofits in their area based on causes they find important, it lets them donate via mobile. The Giving USA Foundation reports that in 2014 charities took in just shy of $360 billion, with over 70% of contributions coming from individuals – not companies or foundations.

“In order to sustain their organizations, nonprofits have to target the donors who have the ability to give large amounts,” says Kaitlin Hayes Reimann, co-founder of uBack. This is why uBack has partnered with many smaller nonprofits who have little more than social media to help get their message out. One such partnership is with the YMCA of Greater Charlotte where as little as $25 can go a long way.

“Those smaller donations are often what helps keep [an organization’s] lights on day to day,” Reimann explains.

According to its website, a $25 donation to the YMCA of Greater Charlotte can send a child to summer camp for a day; $50 can help one child learn to swim; and $100 can pay for a child’s entire session of youth sports.

uBack is also way to connect directly with nonprofits and those in need, rather than just an easy and convenient way to give. Donors have the option to stay informed of any news or related events for their selected charities, as well as learning if support can be amplified through a matching corporate sponsor. There’s also a way to host good-natured “challenges” on social media and the app tracks all donations a person gives, making it easy come tax season.

uBack is not trying to discount the massive success of organizations like the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society, which have ultimately become household names. Reimann just wants to show everyday working Americans they, too, have the power to change someone’s life, even in small way.

“Small donations add up. That’s the cornerstone of why we created uBack,” says Reimann. “There’s power in a community.”