World’s First 3D Printed Custom Shoes Announced


J&S Enterprises announces the introduction of the world’s first affordable custom everyday knit shoe. Under the brand name JS Shoes, the first line introduction will be named the Q Series and features a featherweight, formfitting, and seamless designs in both men’s and women’s styles at a price less than $100 per pair.

JS Shoes has a unique Buy 1 By 1 business model allowing customers the ability to purchase the shoes individually so that they can choose a different shoe size and/or color for each foot. Utilizing knitting machinery which knits in a 3-dimensional method to only produce exactly what is needed for each shoe, this manufacturing method also eliminates wasted materials. The end result is a formfitting, breathable, lightweight shoe with a sturdy heal and arch support that can be enjoyed by anyone that lives an active on-the-go “west coast lifestyle.”

“We wanted our customers to enjoy the benefits of a customized shoe without the high prices that the large shoe manufacturers have dictated for the shoe industry,” said Xiaoxi Shi, founder and creative director of JS Shoes. “Since most people have a half size variation between their feet, we felt that it was important to package our shoes individually so that we can offer different sizes for each foot and allow our customers the ability to choose different colors which they can mix and match and let their personalities shine.”

While customers will be able to order their customized shoe sets on the JS Shoes website, the company has designed a compact box for individual shoes which retail outlets can also interlock together to sell pairs conveniently.

JS Shoes will average $80 – $100 per pair and be available in Q3 2015. For more information, call (818) 324-9163 or visit



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