Back Expert Reveals Secrets of Pain Relief This Month in Davidson

The internationally acclaimed Gokhale Method (sm) comes to Davidson, N.C., in a series of classes that will be held by instructor Maya White on Friday January 29 – Sunday, January 31. The Gokhale Method is a system for pain-free living developed by Esther Gokhale, renowned author of “8 Steps to a Pain Free Back.”

The classes are six, 90-minute workshops in three days that will fix your posture, heal your pain and give you the tools to prevent injury without months of doctors’ visits, pills or therapy.

Sessions provide lifelong tools for healthy, pain-free posture and movement. They teach participants how to: reduce or eliminate many kinds of musculoskeletal pain, prevent joint degeneration, increase energy, stamina and flexibility, reduce stress and look and feel more confident.

Esther Gokhale is an acupuncturist, author and expert in pain-free living. She developed the Gokhale Method (sm), a unique, systematic approach to help people find their bodies’ way back to pain-free living. Esther has practiced acupuncture and taught posture, dance, and yoga in her Palo Alto, Calif., wellness center for the past twenty years.

In 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back (Pendo Press; April 2008; $24.95), Gokhale uses historical and scientific facts to show that most of what our culture has taught us about posture, including what most doctors recommend, is misguided and even damaging.

In many cultures, people still have knowledge of natural posture and movement that prevents pain and enhances health. Both manual laborers and sedentary workers from remote Burkina Faso, villages in Brazil, and rural Portugal have not forgotten how to sit, stand, walk and sleep in harmony with their bodies’ design. As a result, they do not suffer from back pain. Inspired by their techniques, Gokhale has created a method of posture re-education that has guided thousands of her clients away from back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other musculoskeletal ailments.

The Gokhale Method courses will take place starting the evening of Friday, January 29 – Sunday, January 31 at 203 Lorimer Road, Davidson, N.C. 28036. Registrants can sign up at or by calling 1-888-55-POSTURE.

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