Called to Jury Service? There’s an App for That!

Mobile users summoned for jury service will now be able to take advantage of the online Jury Management System developed by Mecklenburg County nearly a year ago. The service allows residents to access detailed information about their summons and submit requests for a wide variety of changes previously done by phone or fax.

Those called for jury service can log onto as an alternative to contacting the Trial Court Administrator’s (TCA) Jury Management Office by phone or mail. The website will automatically detect the existence of a mobile device and redirect the user to the mobile site. Citizens can still use the full-featured public Jury Manager website on any computer, and they also have the option of using the full site by clicking the “View Full Site” link at the top of the Mobile website.

The new mobile app offers many helpful features for jurors, including:

• Ability to search for jury summons by juror ID or social security number

• Confirm juror status and reporting date

• Request a deferral for jury duty

• Create an email reminder for jury service

The application also contains convenient links that will

• Locate Jury Management Office if GPS is active on the mobile device

• Populate the smartphone’s dialer with the Jury Management office phone number

The County’s Business Support Services Agency – Information Technology created the original application and the mobile app in-house at no additional cost to taxpayers. This is the third mobile site developed by BSSA-IT along with the Sheriff Arrest and Warrant Inquiry sites.

Since the online application went live in May 2011, 4,390 requests for deferral and 3,118 excusal have been submitted and processed via the website. The Jury Management Section of the Trial Court Administrator’s Office (TCA) is staffed by only two jury coordinators who are responsible for issuing approximately 6,000 summonses per month and performing all jury management functions. The TCA’s Office anticipates the application will significantly reduce its costs and the staff time required to process mail and answer calls, which will enable the Jury Coordinators to be more attentive to those who report for jury service.