Ciel Gallery in Charlotte Features Works by Sydney Sogol and Tina Alberni

Entwined: Endangered Birds And Matters of The Mind, Body And Spirit

Ciel Gallery partners with The Carolina Raptor Center to present ENTWINED, a fine art exhibit featuring local fiber artist Sydney Sogol and mixed media paintings and drawings by Tina Alberni.

To entwine is to wind together or to interweave. This fine art exhibit entwines two totally different and new bodies of work, one concerning endangered Birds and the immense impact humans have on the environment and each other, and the other with matters of the mind, body and soul directly informed by intersections with memories, human conditions, current events and parallel realities.

Opening show reception is August 7, from 6:00-9:00 PM at Ciel Gallery, 128 E. Park Avenue, Charlotte.  Free and interactive for all ages. Light refreshments will be served.

The Carolina Raptor Center is a non-profit organization and will be present opening night, with neat birds of prey artifacts that all ages can enjoy and learn from. Carolina Raptor Center is dedicated to environmental stewardship and the conservation of birds of prey through education, research, and the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned raptors.  For more information please visit their website at

Sydney Sogol is a native of North Carolina. She explores relationships between color and patterns through various manipulations and non-traditional weaving techniques. For this show, Sogol has specifically focused on the theme of endangered birds. Each piece is hand painted, dyed, and woven in a variety of shapes and sizes, with patterns which embody each majestic creature, the reasons they have become endangered and the loss felt by their absence.

“I want this body of work to provide an avenue for a discussion on how humans and birds interact with, and affect one another”

Tina Alberni is of Cuban descent. She moved to Charlotte from Miami in 2007. Her work explores dreams and opinions through non-traditional methods of painting, combining both graphic and expressive markings. Her hope is that viewers connect at some level with each artwork, find their own stories and bring in their own shade of life into their viewing experience.

“I celebrate rhythms of life and the joys of improvisation by allowing myself to assemble my substrates, meticulously, layer by layer. Each layer of texture, saturated colors and form, ultimately, come together, I believe, to transcend physical realities and transmute my journey into the best ride I can make it, as somewhere in this process, the chaos of life always finds calm.”

Also planned for this art opening are a few interactive experiences ideal for the whole family. We will have a loom on display so folks can learn about the intricacies of weaving, and we will have an intuitive painting experience for all to be a part of as well.

Ciel Gallery is a Fine Art Collective representing a few dozen local artists working in a wide variety of media. Located at 128 E. Park Avenue, the gallery is open Monday – Saturday, 11:00 – 6:00 PM. In addition to three gallery spaces, Ciel hosts a full schedule of art classes throughout the year and for all ages, open studio times, art retreats, and special events. ENTWINED will run through August 29.  For more information, visit or call 704-496-9417.