City Officials Respond To No Retrial For Randall Kerrick

The City of Charlotte is providing the following statements regarding the N.C. attorney general’s announcement today (August 28) to not retry Officer Randall Kerrick.

Below is a statement from Community Relations Executive Director Willie Ratchford:

“The Community Relations Committee (CRC) recognizes that many in our community may be disappointed after the attorney general’s decision not to seek a retrial in the case against Randall Kerrick. Many of us will be seeking ways to express our concerns. The CRC recommends that you attend your place of worship along with others to pray that our community will be able to come together to address any and all concerns in a constructive way. Some houses of faith recognize this need and will be opening their doors tonight at 7 p.m. to allow for prayers and open forums for expression about the attorney general’s decision.

“Churches conducting events this evening include Greenville Memorial AME Zion and Little Rock AME Zion in Charlotte. The CRC encourages all houses of faith to do the same.”


Mayor Dan Clodfelter’s Statement:

“The North Carolina Attorney General’s Office has now announced its decision not to re-try Randall Kerrick. Some in our community believe that decision is entirely correct. Others believe, with equal feeling, that it is entirely wrong. What we now ask of each citizen is that you reach out to someone whose views on this decision may differ from yours and engage them in a discussion, not about the rightness or wrongness of the decision, but instead about how we can work together to create a better, more unified and understanding community. We cannot change what is past; we can only resolve to change the future. That is the City’s commitment and I believe it is also the commitment of all who live in Charlotte.”

Chief Putney’s Statement: 

“Today, the North Carolina Attorney General’s office announced that they will submit a dismissal of the charge of voluntary manslaughter and not seek to re-try Randall Kerrick.

“Probable cause was established, an indictment was returned and the case worked its way through the judicial process. Now, as is standard procedure, CMPD Internal Affairs will conduct an investigation to determine if Randall Kerrick followed all department policies and procedures.

“Our officers are expected to meet a high set of standards and they’re held responsible when those expectations aren’t achieved.

“The CMPD respects the constitutional rights of individuals wishing to express his or her opinion about this decision. We will work to facilitate their right to assemble and demonstrate lawfully.

“Routinely, CMPD officers perform in an exemplary manner to ensure the safety of our community. We will continue our unwavering commitment to the people we serve in an effort to maintain their trust and respect. ”