Compostable Diaper Service Coming to Charlotte

In honor of Earth Day 2011, Ivy’s Diaper Service is announcing its new compostable diaper service. Compostable single- use diapers are delivered monthly and the soiled diapers are picked up weekly and composted.

Compostable single-use diapers look and behave just like standard disposable diapers, but are made of 100% compostable materials, such as corn and wood pulp. It is important to note the difference between landfills and compost piles. A compostable diaper will not biodegrade in a landfill. Compostable diapers need very specific conditions to decompose, conditions only found in industrial composting facilities. Many parents buy all natural and compostable diapers believing they are helping the environment. But those diapers are just as harmful as regular disposables if they are not composted properly. Backyard composting is also not a suitable option for compostable diapers. Extremely high heat is required to safely kill the pathogens found in human waste. Backyard composting piles do not get hot enough to safely handle human waste.

So how does a compostable single-use diaper service work? Ivy’s Diaper Service splits the cost into two categories: diapers and delivery/composting. At the beginning of every month, customers are charged for their diapers for the month as well as a small delivery and composting charge. Diapers are delivered at the beginning of the month and the dirties are picked up, in complimentary compostable bags, every week. Need more diapers? Ivy’s Diaper Service can deliver more when picking up the dirties. Just log on to their website and order what you need.

Garrett Burfield, owner of Ivy’s Diaper Service, wanted to offer parents in Charlotte another environmentally friendly diapering option.”While we feel cloth diapers are still the best option, we wanted to give busy parents another natural way to diaper. When you use our compostable service you can rest assured every diaper your baby uses will be composted safely and resold as fertilizer,” Burfield says.

Standard disposable diapers add a 1/2 ton of untreated waste per baby to our landfills each year. A disposable diaper will sit in a landfill for up to 250 years. In other words, every disposable diaper ever put into a landfill is still there and will be for at least another 200 years.

Ivy’s Diaper Service opened its doors in April 2009 and has been steadily growing ever since. Owner Burfield moved to Charlotte with her family when their daughter, Ivy, was 2 months old. Unable to find a diaper service already in business in the area, she decided to offer cloth to Charlotte.

Ivy’s Diaper Service is proud to be represented at this year’s Charlotte Clean & Green Festival on Saturday, April 16th on the CPCC campus. Please visit for more information about cloth and compostable delivery options.