Dr. Vicki Parker opens The Brain Trainer in south Charlotte

Dr. Vicki Parker has opened The Brain Trainer, a research-based brain training and speech therapy center. The Brain Trainer helps children and adults learn and communicate better. Clients improve in memory, attention, language and speech, auditory and visual processing, and more

“This is not tutoring – it’s training that actually improves the brain, now and for years to come,” says Parker, a Ph.D. in speech language pathology with a concentration in neuroscience. Parker has worked in this field for nearly 30 years, including in hospital settings.

The Brain Trainer, at 11030 Golf Links Drive, Suite 204 in Charlotte, serves students struggling with reading and math difficulties, ADD/ADHD, autism and Asperger’s, and language and speech disorders. The Charlotte brain training center also works with gifted students who want to excel even more.

Adult clients include those who want to gain a competitive edge at work or stay sharp in retirement. The Brain Trainer also serves adults with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, or issues following a stroke or brain injury.

Brain training is a type of mental exercise, carefully designed to stimulate the brain and make lasting changes in cognitive abilities. By doing new and novel tasks at a challenging level, then increasing the complexity and intensity of the tasks, you will build new networks in the brain. Those networks will enhance your ability to think. Brain training benefits anyone who wants to use the brain to its fullest potential. It builds such cognitive skills as attention, processing speed, short and long-term memory, auditory and visual processing, comprehension, and logic and reasoning.

Speech language pathology, also known as speech therapy, is a field that evaluates and treats cognitive and communication disorders. Clients at The Brain Trainer may use brain training, speech therapy, or a combination.

Dr. Vicki Parker and her staff work with each person individually. Following an assessment, the program created for you will be filled with activities and tasks that feel like games. You’ll gain fascinating insights into how the mind functions and how nearly everyone can think more quickly, clearly, and creatively. It’s fun. And it works.

The practice also offers brain-training games for purchase including interactive activities, puzzler books and board games.

Find out more by calling 704/541-1373 or visiting http://www.thebrain-trainer.com .

Dr. Parker led a franchised brain training center in Charlotte for three years prior to opening her own practice, The Brain Trainer. Her past work includes management of the rehabilitation department of a large hospital, where she supervised a staff of fifty.

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