Enter Your Photos of North Carolina’s Hidden Treasures in Contest

North Carolina’s natural wonders are known world-wide – Jockey’s Ridge, the Blue Ridge Mountains, our lakes and rivers, and more are renowned for their beauty. But we’re also blessed with scores of hidden treasures – parks, gamelands, trails, creeks and other outdoor places that are just as inviting but not nearly as famous.

Land for Tomorrow invites amateur photographers and artists to submit their photographs and illustrations of these special places for our “Hidden Treasures” contest.

Submission must be original depictions of publicly accessible natural lands – gamelands, parks, greenways, rivers, etc. Wildlife may be included and images that include people enjoying these areas are encouraged.

Images may be submitted from March 27 through April 24 via one of the following:

• Facebook as a message with an attachment: http://www.facebook.com/L4TNC;
• Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/l4tnc/;
• Email: land4tomorrow@gmail.com; or
• Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/land4tomorrow (send us the link to the image you’d like us to pin via email or Facebook message)
Additional details will be available upon contest launch on Tuesday afternoon, March 27 at http://www.landfortomorrow.org/hidden-treasures/

Entries will be judged by a panel of conservation champions from across North Carolina, including representatives from Land for Tomorrow’s leading organizations.

Two winners will be chosen: one photograph and one illustration. Each winner will receive a gift from Great Outdoor Provision Co.

About Land for Tomorrow

Land for Tomorrow, a coalition of conservation, sportsmen, agriculture, wildlife, business and local government organizations, is committed to preserving and protecting North Carolina’s land and water resources. Its goal is to increase public awareness for the need to protect additional lands that are critical to the economic well-being and quality of life in North Carolina. Land for Tomorrow seeks to help the state reach its declared goal of conserving a million acres, and ensure that critical land will be available to provide clean air and drinking water, strengthen our communities, promote job growth and enhance the quality of life for generations to come. For additional information about Land for Tomorrow, visit or www.facebook.com/L4TNC or www.landfortomorrow.org.