Free, Lifetime Web Conferencing and Collaboration Tools Offered by (, the social network for Communities, is having a giveaway of lifetime proportions.Anyone who creates a Private Community on BigMarker before March 1st, 2012 will retain that Community for life, free of charge. Whether members wish to use a Private Community now or later, anyone who upgrades before March 1st will keep the Private Community, free of charge, forever.

“[BigMarker’s] real secret is not in its affordability or its video-conferencing platform, but in its uncanny ability to help us manage our team’s progress in between Conferences,” said Tracey Patterson, President and COO of Powered by Action (, “BigMarker has become a collaboration tool that makes the day-to-day easy, so we can focus more on our mission.”

BigMarker is ideal for Communities attempting to make a difference on a budget:
· Meet anytime in the Virtual Conference Room
· Meet face-to-face, one-on-one, one-on-many, or many-on-many
• Streamline project management by creating, assigning, and prioritizing tasks
· Share files
· Touch base regularly, outside of a Conference, with the Community Bulletin
· Chart progress with the Task Timeline and Community Calendar
· Send Community newsletters with updates and announcements
· Send Kudos to encourage and thank fellow members

“We strongly believe in the power of Communities, and have made it our mission to provide Communities everywhere with the tools to make a difference,” said Joe Yeoman, BigMarker’s Outreach Coordinator. “And because we believe in this mission so strongly, we wanted to give everyone a chance to benefit from a free, lifetime Private Community.”

Anyone who creates a Private Community on BigMarker before March 1st, 2012 will retain that Community for life, free of charge. Private Communities created after March 1st, 2012 will cost $19.95 a month. BigMarker believes in open and accessible collaboration, and for this reason has committed to always offering free Public Communities with unlimited web conferencing and collaboration tools. To create a Community, first sign up at (

About BigMarker: is the social network for Communities. Based on the belief that anyone can make a difference, BigMarker’s mission is to equip Communities around the world with unlimited web conferencing and collaboration tools, empowering anyone to make a visible and lasting impact.
BigMarker launched in March 2011 and has been connecting people face-to-face, across the globe, ever since. To join an existing Community or create your own, please visit