Help in BI-LO’s Search for Owner of 70 Year Old Ring

About a year ago a ring was found in the BI-LO on Pineville-Matthews Road. It is a 14 karat gold band with an inscription from a husband to his wife, dated to their wedding day: what appears to be 10/29/44 or 10/28/44 – nearly 70 years ago. Proper procedures were followed in an effort to identity the owner – signs were posted in the store for six months and a Craigslist ad was posted – but the person to whom the ring belongs was never identified. A full year has passed and the owner has not stepped forward, so we are taking the search to the next level to reunite this ring with its owner.
BI-LO would love your help finding the owners of the missing ring so that another wedding anniversary does not pass without the owner or owner’s family having this sentimental ring back in their hands. A photo of the ring is included here. Those who wish to claim the ring may call (704) 804-4225 to speak with Rodney Towery and describe the inscription.