Kids Heart Felt Health Receives $8500 Grant From Mecklenburg Medical Alliance To Expand Services

Kids Heart Felt Health has received an $8500 grant from the Mecklenburg Medical Alliance and Endowment, Inc. (MMAE).  Kids Heart Felt Health is a Charlotte area nonprofit organization that provides children with hands-on activities to instill healthy-living habits and a spirit of community service. The purpose of the grant is to enable Kids Heart Felt Health to expand its program as an after-school enrichment activity for Charlotte area students.

Kids Heart Felt Health is a program that addresses the current childhood obesity problem, while extending its nutritional and healthy-living focus to the broader population of children.

“Rarely have we seen a program that is so well organized and detailed as this one,” said JoAnn MacDonald, president of MMAE.  “What really impressed us about this program is that it reaches children of all ages.  It is unique in that it teaches high schoolers about nutrition and gives them opportunities to teach younger children healthy-living habits.”

MMAE was founded 75 years ago and receives contributions from physicians, their families, and others interested in community health issues.  MMAE has issued grants in excess of $1 million since it was founded and provides more than $60,000 in grants annually to local organizations that are committed to improving community health in the Charlotte area.           

“We are very grateful to receive this grant from MMAE which will allow us to reach a broader base of children with our program,” said Claudine Lovitt, president and founder. “We are especially pleased to receive recognition from an organization that has a long-standing commitment to improving community health and quality of life.”           

The Kids Heart Felt Health afterschool program is centered around teaching children nutrition through enjoyable cooking activities that include food contests as well as fitness activities.  At each weekly session, children are told inspirational stories and are given weekly nutrition and character goals to motivate them to reach out to others.  Kids Heart Felt Health periodically organizes healthy food drives in which its participants are able to use what they learn in the program and prepare healthy meals for others in need. 

A new series of classes will begin in August and will teach kids how to prepare healthy lunches.  “While there are several initiatives to improve lunches served in the schools, our program will continue to take the approach of empowering children themselves to live healthier lifestyles. That is the basis of the Kids Heart Felt Health program, and is the focus of our ‘Back to School – Healthy Lunches’ series that will begin in August,” Lovitt said.

Kids Heart Felt Health Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which means donations to it are tax deductible. A portion of the proceeds of the program will be donated to fund research for the cure for Type 1 diabetes.

For more information or to register for programs, visit the organization’s website at To learn more about The Mecklenburg Medical Alliance and Endowment, Inc. , and contribution opportunities, visit its website at