Local Company Launches SnapTask App That Helps Eliminate To-Do Lists And Generate Earning Opportunities

SnapTask is an innovative platform for hiring qualified, peer-reviewed independent workers to complete virtually any task, even on a moment’s notice.

Thanks to the innovative SnapTask smartphone app just launched by a Charlotte Area tech company, ticking off a to-do list is a snap. So is getting hired to earn competitive compensation more easily and independently.

The new SnapTask smartphone app crowd-sources any task to a peer-reviewed and rated community of skilled workers ready to get the job done fast. SnapTask is a convenient mobile marketplace for people and businesses to outsource tasks to nearby independent contractors. SnapTask helps eliminate the typical hassles, delays, and worries, while facilitating easier, more personalized solutions. Each task is specifically tailored to one’s needs, stipulations, and budget.

“Describe whatever you need done and set the price you’re willing to pay,” explains Jeff Davies, Founding CEO of SnapTask. “Then let our army of ‘SnapTaskers’ bid on your job. You may find someone, hire them, and have the task completed in the time it would normally take to just figure out who can do it.”

With SnapTask, there is also no need to repeatedly describe the task to multiple bidders. Simply post it once, and they’ll all see it. Then the app continues to send alerts whenever anyone responds with an offer to do the work. Davies emphasizes that it’s a win for those seeking part time or fulltime work, too. “You can enjoy freedom and flexibility,” he says, “earning money on your own schedule and your own terms. All you need is a smartphone and your know-how.”

The “taskers” who work as independent contractors through SnapTask can browse for available work 24/7, and earn cash part time or fulltime. SnapTask automatically alerts them when tasks that match their skills are available, so there is no need to sit at a computer and monitor activity. Plus, while earning quick cash at one task, a “tasker” might be notified of other jobs available in the same zip code. That enables those who feel trapped in a nine-to-five job to be their own bosses, with virtually no overhead. They can grow their business and client list without investing time and money in advertising. They simply join the SnapTask network and instantly connect to an ever-expanding community of potential clients who actively seek to pay for various tasks.

“Every SnapTasker also goes through our three-step verification process to ensure they meet our standards,” Davies adds. “You know they are trustworthy and professional and they are continually monitored, evaluated, peer-reviewed, and rated.” Payment is simply arranged between you and the person you select to complete the task, you can use any mobile payment service to pay your ‘SnapTasker’.   For more information or to join the SnapTask community, visit the app’s official website (https://www.snaptaskapp.com/) or download the app from the Apple or Google Play app store.

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