Mecklenburg County Sending 2012 Property Tax Bills Now

The Mecklenburg County Assessor’s Office will begin mailing 2012 property tax bills this week. Bills are being sent for real property as well as personal and business property and are payable beginning September 1. Bills can be paid without interest through January 7, 2013.

Of the 355,000 real property bills expected to be issued for 2012, some number will be withheld until the second billing in October. The second billing is a normal procedure for certain properties whose value or tax records are still being processed before the respective bills can be issued. Examples include, but are not limited to, properties whose values were appealed in 2011, and have yet to be heard by the Board of Equalization and Review, and properties changing value in 2012 as a result of new construction or other factors.

All bills paid on or after January 8, 2013 will be assessed interest at a rate of two percent for the first month, and three-quarters percent every month thereafter until paid. For those with a mortgage on their real property, bills are typically sent directly to the mortgage holder for payment.

The reverse side of the tax bill contains a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. Property owners who have further questions concerning their 2012 billing can contact CharMeck311 by dialing 311 within Mecklenburg County or 704-336-4600 from outside the County. Information is also found at

Citizens should be aware that customer service counters at Bob Walton Plaza for both the Assessor’s Office and the Office of the Tax Collector will be closed on Monday September 3 for Labor Day. Additionally, access to the parking lot will be restricted during the Democratic National Convention, Tuesday, September 5 through Thursday, September 7. Offices will be open and available by mail, telephone, and email. Normal access to the building will be restored on Friday, September 8, barring any extended restrictions from Homeland Security.