No Swimming Advisory Issued For Portion Of Lake Wylie After Sewage Discharge

A NO SWIMMING advisory has been issued for a portion of Lake Wylie in Charlotte.

The advisory was issued today after an unknown amount of sewage discharged from a sanitary sewer manhole. The sewage flowed into a stream at 8746 Little Brim Lane and then into Paw Creek Cove on Lake Wylie. The sewage discharge was discovered during the morning of October 12, 2010. The overflow was caused by a grease blockage in the sanitary sewer line. Within a few hours, the problem was repaired and the discharge stopped. The sewer line is privately owned and maintained by West Bloomfield Acres Mobile Home Park.

Lake water samples were collected today by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services staff. Sampling will continue until levels of fecal coliform bacteria fall below 200-colonies/100 ml, which is the level determined to be safe for swimming. When bacteria counts reach this level, the no swimming advisory will be lifted.

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