Providence Baptist Church of Charlotte Issues Statement Regarding Confusion With Controversial Church Pastor

Providence Baptist Church of Charlotte has been confused in the media recently due to the similarity of its name with Providence Baptist Road Church of Maiden, N.C. A video about the Maiden church’s pastor making statements derogatory of gays and lesbians has gone viral after being posted on YouTube, headlined by CNN, and reported through many news media nationwide.

As a result, Dr. Al Cadenhead, Senior Pastor of Providence Baptist Church of Charlotte, and other members of the church staff have received angry emails, phone calls and other messages from people confusing the two churches. Today (May 22), Cadenhead made the following statement for the media and the public:

“In recent hours we have been incorrectly identified as the church in another town where hatred and violence have been advocated from the pulpit. First of all, we are genuinely Baptist in that we recognize the right of every church to reach out or not to reach out as that church deems itself to be led. Providence Baptist Church of Charlotte believes in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Jesus is our model for living and His presence is our source of strength for life. Jesus preached a Gospel of love. So do we. Jesus preached that we love our neighbor, whether that neighbor is like us or not.

“The Bible is our guide for daily life and makes it clear that all people, all of us, have sinned and fallen short of God’s expectation. And the reason we can claim our place as children of God is a result of grace, mercy and love extended to all people. That love is best demonstrated in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. As Providence Baptist Church we believe that we are to offer that same grace, mercy and love to all people.”

Providence Baptist Church at 4921 Randolph Rd. in Charlotte is a “moderate” Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregation of approximately 2,000 active members, founded in 1954. For more information about the church, visit or call the church office at 704-366-2784.