Register of Deeds Website to Include New Search Features

The Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds Office has added new website features that dramatically improve user access to records and optimize search results.

Highlights of the improved site:

• Real estate searches from March 1990 to the present are consolidated
• The results of real estate searches are easier to print and navigate
• Search results can be sorted by any column
• An online request form to become a registered user. Registered users will have access to more vital record information. Previous rules forced those requesting a log-in to appear in person and present a valid ID to register.
The upgraded system also shows temporary index data as well as permanent index data.

“I hope that the changes we have made will lead to a greatly improved experience for customers who utilize our website,” said David Granberry, Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds. “With the ability to see temporary real estate indexes, website users will have access to information that is as current as possible.”

Information and images related to documents in the temporary index are subject to change before they reach permanent status, Granberry said.

The improved site can be accessed through the County’s main website at or directly at

The Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds is the official repository for County records dating from 1763 to the present. These records include real estate, marriage, notary public commissions, and military discharges. In addition, this office provides certified copies of birth and death records. For services not available at the website or for questions, contact the agency at 704-336-2443.