School of Rock Charlotte Introducing New Artist Development Program This Fall

This fall the School of Rock will launch three new Artist Development programs in the Charlotte area designed for musicians who want to take their playing to the next level. Band Coaching, Project Studio, and Epic Albums, are designed to give intermediate to advanced students of all ages the opportunity to enhance their performance skills, broaden their creativity in the studio, and further develop their musical knowledge and skills. “Our students possess the talent and desire to be in their own bands, get in the studio and write their own music” said Mark Biondi, VP of Product Development. “It is our goal to provide a nurturing environment to help foster the next generation of great artists.”

-BAND COACHING gives bands an edge through coached rehearsal sessions with a professional musician, focusing on the development of their live show and how to tighten up their sound. Bands receive musical guidance, constructive feedback and assistance with getting gigs. Band Coaching features a weekly 90-minute rehearsal for bands who want to improve the quality of their performances. Follow the Twitter hashtag: #RockMoreSuckLess.

-EPIC ALBUMS brings together musicians to record rock history. Students will learn the recording process in the studio through the dissection and analysis of pivotal albums including: OK COMPUTER (Radiohead), NEVERMIND (Nirvana), LED ZEPPELIN IV (Led Zeppelin), DOOKIE (Green Day) and MASTER OF REALITY (Black Sabbath). Epic Albums features a weekly private music lesson and 90-minute pre-production session complemented with an intensive, once-a-month recording studio session.

-PROJECT STUDIO immerses students into the process of songwriting and recording in a studio environment. This program will give students an opportunity to collaborate, write and record original music. Project Studio features a weekly private music lesson and 90-minute pre-production session, plus a monthly studio session.

About School of Rock:
For more than a decade, School of Rock has been inspiring kids to rock on stage and in life. Our students develop confidence, talent and skills, through our beginner, intermediate and advanced music programs. We offer music lessons on guitar, bass, piano, vocals and drums in an authentic, performance-based environment. School of Rock operates 71 schools in 26 states and Mexico, with new locations opening nationwide. We are expanding rapidly to meet the demands of kids who want to play music, be in a band and for parents who appreciate music education. With opportunities available nationwide, it’s an exciting time to open a music school franchise with School of Rock! Visit for more information.