T-Tapp Exercises Result In Major Health Benefits

Teresa Tapp

Kim Cesare Went from size 16 to 4 with only 15 minutes of T-Tapp exercises a day

A case of dangerously high blood pressure and fear of a blood clot motivated Kim Cesare to make a complete lifestyle change and get active.

On January 20, 2014, Ms. Cesare’s doctor told her that her blood pressure was spiked at 159/113.

That was the day 50-year-old mother of six decided to change her life.

Although she was given blood pressure medicine she knew she had to make a life style change to be able to care for her children.

First she changed her eating habits, giving up fast foods, fried foods and cutting out white bread.  Then she searched the internet for an exercise program she could do at home in 15 minutes a day.

Kim found T-Tapp on line and ordered the book, Fit and Fabulous by Teresa Tapp www.T-Tapp.com and purchased the DVD T-Tapp total workout which had a 15-minute special exercise program to do at home, with no equipment.

By mid-April Kim was no longer in need of medication for high blood pressure. Her doctor’s new prescription was, “Keep doing what you are doing!”

By October Kim had gone from size 16 to size 4.

“Over the past year, I have consistently T-Tapped.  I love that I can do a workout in just 15 minutes and see results,” says Mrs. Cesare. “When I started eating better and then exercising, I made changes that I could do for the rest of my life.  It has become a part of my day, just like eating and sleeping.  I reached my “goal” size in October and have continued to consistently work-out; because I enjoy the way I feel when the workout is over.”

In January of 2015 when she went for her yearly physical she was actually looking forward to the visit.

“I wasn’t dreading the scale and the blood pressure cuff didn’t scare me,” she says.

The big surprise was that, “My blood pressure measured 117/72.”

Her EKG reading showed a marked improvement in her athleticism.

“The doctor told me the reading showed ‘marked sinus bradycardia’ or low resting heart rate, which she explains shows I have a conditioned athletic heart.  She was very pleased.  I was stunned. This quick workout of stretching and bending has made my muscles stronger including my heart,” Mrs. Cesare says.

The creator of this regime, T-Tapp is Teresa Tapp, an exercise physiologist which she calls “a rehabilitation approach to fitness.”

These exercises have a special form and techniques that maximize muscle development, enabling your body to shed inches in record time. It is also a left-brain, mind/body workout, so expect improved clarity since each side of the brain controls the other side of the body. It results in rapid release of neurotransmitters which increases mental alertness and uses more energy and thus burns more fat with increased mental clarity.

“T-Tapp involves specific movements, designed to activate muscles, and is very effective at lengthening and strengthening muscle and bones, lowering blood sugar, balancing hormones, cinching in the core, relieving pain, reducing inflammation, detoxing, eliminating lymph and excess fluids,” says Mary Shomon, author of several New York Times best sellers on Thyroid Disease. “When I first did the exercises, I did the T-Tapp More program 3 times a week for 2 weeks, and lost 12 inches.”


  • You can lose up to a clothing size in two weeks
  • It will flatten your belly without a single crunch
  • Develops strength and improvement posture
  • Results in lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Will improve blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes

According to Ms. Cesare, doing T-Tapp exercise resulted in losing 6 sizes and helped her regained her health.