Local family wins Rack Room Shoes model search

Rack Room Shoes’ “Holiday BOGO” event kicks off this month, with the winning family being from Concord. The Vanderburgs were selected from thousands of other entrants from across the country during the retailers “Models Wanted” competition. Along with a professional photo shoot and VIP treatment, the local family will be featured in Rack Room Shoes” newspaper inserts, in-store signage, and on the company website from November 16 through the end of the year.

Entering the contest was the kids’ idea according to mom, Kelly, and dad, Micah. Their two children were ecstatic when they found out they were the chosen winners; their son Asher (9) commented, “We were so excited when we heard we had won, but waiting for today to get here was agony.” Younger sister Ellis (6) also showed her enthusiasm, taking her brother”s lead with smiles and giggles that lit up the studio throughout the shoot.

Kelly and Micah were high school sweethearts who first met at church and got engaged the night Kelly graduated. Anyone thinking they were crazy to exchange vows at such a young age would be surprised to see them going strong, 14 years later. Now an elementary art teacher, librarian, and busy mom, Kelly admits she used to be shy and introverted when she was Ellis”s age. Whether or not the modeling classes her mother enrolled her in years ago helped to boost her confidence in front of the camera, she moved with style and grace, looking like a “teenage princess,” according to Asher.

A fun and loving dad, Micah was immediately comfortable and creative in front of the camera. He exhibited the same kind of enthusiasm for showcasing shoes as he puts into his job in inside sales, his faith, and everything else he goes after in life. The camera crew said he was a modeling machine, but Micah responded that he would never do this for himself. Feeling honored that his family was chosen, Micah said the experience was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for his kids.

Little Ellis made a big appearance throughout the shoot, striking creative poses like her dad and jumping up and down to make her Sketchers Twinkle Toes boots light up. Big brother Asher had fun shooting baskets and showing off his pool table skills. Although math is his favorite subject in school, he said, “Trying on clothes and shoes is definitely more fun than doing homework!”

Brother and sister and the best of friends, Asher and Ellis make their parents proud and add to the undeniable star quality of the Vanderburg family. Now through December, their images will adorn store walls where customers can catch a glimpse of the extraordinary qualities of each member of this family.

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